Our Other Stores


Japan Soccer Jersey Store is mostly selling new season items. We are also running eBay stores and several other e-commerce shops featuring old seasons retro soccer jerseys and baseball shirts. Below is a list of all our stores. I hope you find something you want. If you don’t have an eBay account, please contact me. It is possible to send an invoice to your Paypal account.


⇒ Retro Soccer Jersey eBay Store

Retro Soccer Jersey eBay Store has a wide range of used and new soccer shirts such as J-league, Japan National Team, International clubs and other countries. All of the items are in stock at our office. If you want former season items, rare jerseys or discounted clothes, why don’t you have a look ? More than 600 football shirts are listed on the store.


⇒ Japan Baseball Jersey eBay Store

Japan Baseball Jersey eBay Store is the best place for those who are looking for Nippon professional baseball jerseys and caps. All of the shirts are in stock at our office. We have a lot of discounted official summer limited jerseys and reasonable unique items like Happi Coat, Kanji embroidered High School jerseys.


⇒ Japan Baseball Jersey Store

If you are looking for up to date Japanese Professional Baseball jerseys, this store is the one you must visit. We are selling all NPB team’s official baseball shirts and Japan National Team Samurai Japan items.  Most of them are high quality logo embroidered jerseys. If you want the jersey with player’s or your favorite name and numbers, please contact us.