First of all, could you read FAQ page before sending us a message ?
    Many people often aske me the following questions and I don't have enough time to reply all of them.

    1.Did you read Q1 that is about Japanese size ?

    2.Did you read Q2 that is about the way to order a jersey with name and numbers ?

    3.Did you read Q10 that is about the payment way ?

    4.Did you read Q15 and Q16 that are about shipping time, tracking and Import duties ?

    5.Did you read Q19 and Q20 that are about our Return, Exchange and Cancel policy ?

    If you chose "No", please read FAQ page again.

    Japan Soccer Jersey Store don't respond to the following customers.

    1. Those who ask the same question already answered on FAQ page
    2. Manufacturers
    3. Web Design and SEO companies